Wholesale Terms and Conditions

The buyer agrees, this merchandise is sold and shipped on the representation of the buyer that the merchandise will be used strictly in accordance with all applicable laws of the state, county, city, or other municipality of the destination. The buyer is responsible for obtaining any permits or licenses, state or local, which are required for the possession, transportation, storage, sale or use of fireworks in the buyer’s state, county, city, or another municipality.

This merchandise is sold on the condition that the seller (R and M Enterprises, Inc.) and all its agents shall not be liable in any civil action for any accident, injury, incident, or any losses of any kind occasioned during the transportation, handling, possession, sale, storage, or use of the merchandise.

 I Understand the following, as a Wholesale customer;

  • I am not eligible free freight.
  • All freight is FOB Readstown warehouse unless otherwise agreed to in writing. See "Wholesale Shipping Terms"
  • I may not be eligible for rewards points.
  • I will not be eligible to break any cases unless otherwise specified.
  • I will have an annual minimum purchase of $1,500.00 per year excluding freight charges.
  • If I have never purchased in the past, my initial minimum purchase is $1,000.00 excluding freight.
  • Each Order after my initial order will have a $750.00 minimum, excluding freight
  • I am liable for sales tax as required under Wisconsin State Law. See more at our “Sales Tax Terms
  • I will be contacted by a sales person to confirm my eligibility for a wholesale account.
  • I will not be able to pay for my order online. All orders will be finalized by phone, fax or email.
  • I will pay for all product, freight or other services before shipping.
  • I may be required to provide documentation pertaining to sales tax, permits or other documentation to assist in servicing my account.
  • Types of payment accepted are Visa, Master Card, American Express, Cash, Check or wire transfer. Some of these payment terms may be restricted based on my final price agreed to.
  • I agree to all other terms and conditions posted on www.gotfireworks.com.