Sparkler Fireworks

Sparkler fireworks can be considered as one of the most basic types of fireworks available for the people. Firework Sparklers have been identified as one of the safest types of fireworks available. Sparklers are widely being used in the birthday parties and weddings. They can be given to all the guests in order to deliver a touch of fun. Sparklers are considered as one of the most popular firework types that are being used on the 4th of July. Plenty of people tends to purchase Sparklers and light them up on the New Year’s Eve as well.

Definition: A Sparkler firework is a stick that has pyrotechnic composition covering it. The composition creates an array of sparks that give the item the name. Sparklers are an item that can be shipped through the standard mail.

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  1. #20 bc Gold Sparkler Wire
    SKU: BC31320
    12/6/4 CASE
  2. BC Gold Sparkler #10 (Bamboo)
    SKU: BC313-10W
    24/12/8 CASE
  3. Morning Glories #14 -72ct
    SKU: SP0981
    30/12/6 CASE
  4. Morning Glories #14 144ct
    SKU: WDN0981
    15/24/6 CASE
  5. Morning Glory #36
    SKU: SP098136
    96/6 CASE
  6. Morning Glory Torch #14 - 72ct
    SKU: NN0981B
    30/12/6 CASE
  7. Neon Sparklers
    SKU: BC31315
    3/50 CASE
  8. Neon Sparklers 5pk
    SKU: SP18NS
    3/50/5 CASE
  9. Sparkler #10 Colored Bamboo
    SKU: SP10C
    24/12/8 CASE
  10. Sparkler #10 Gold Bamboo
    SKU: SP1301
    24/12/8 CASE
  11. Sparkler #14 Gold Wire
    SKU: BC31314C
    12/6/6 CASE
  12. Sparkler 14in Gold
    SKU: SP14G
    2/12/6/6 CASE
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Items 1-12 of 14

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