Smoke Bomb Fireworks

A smoke bomb firework can simply be defined as an item, which has the ability to give fascinating smoke effects. Usually, all the smoke items are being used during the day time. If you are looking for a smoke item that lasts awhile we have 5-minute smoke grenades as well as the standard smoke balls. The color smoke balls have become extremely popular among little ones. They are an excellent packaging available for a classic item. These smoke balls are made out of clay. It is possible for you to purchase them in many different colors such as blue, yellow, green and red.

Definition: A Smokeball firework is an item that produces smoke in large quantities, smoke balls and items are typically used during daylight.

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  1. 5 Minute Smoke Tube
    SKU: SP1430
    50/1 CASE
  2. Color Changing Smoke
    SKU: P6013
    2/3/24 CASE
  3. Color Smoke Ball Clay 12 Pack
    SKU: NN0860-12
    20/6/12 CASE
  4. Color Smoke Clay Balls 12pk
    SKU: SP0860
    20/6/12 CASE
  5. Color Smoke Tube
    SKU: SP1413
    36/4 CASE
  6. Colored Smoke Grenade - Pull String
    SKU: SP1431
    4/24 CASE
  7. Pink Smoke Tube
    SKU: SP1438
    100/1 CASE
  8. Smoke Balls, 2 color changing
    SKU: SP1440
    20/12/6 CASE
  9. Smoke Granade w/pull String
    SKU: SP1416
    96/1 CASE
  10. White Camo Smoke
    SKU: SP1414
    36/4 CASE
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