Rockets Fireworks - Bottle Rocket

Even though the rocket fireworks play a relatively minor role in a fireworks show, they are an absolute must for individual fun. The rockets can simply be defined as a pyrotechnic firework. They are usually made out of paper, which is packed with gunpowder. The rockets would propel into the air before they explore. The components of a rocket that are responsible for producing colors, bangs, and stars can be found under the nosecone section of it. It is important to keep in mind that the effects that you can see once the explosion of the rocket is mainly due to crafting.

Definition: A Rocket firework can be known as either a bottle rocket or a sky rocket. Bottle Rockets are typically smaller and pack less of a punch, however, they're sold in bulk. A Sky Rocket are much larger than bottle rockets and sold in smaller packs. These typically have larger effects and are more family oriented.

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  1. Anti-Gravity
    SKU: KLX3038
    6/21 CASE
    SKU: BC401
    25/12/12 CASE
  3. Bottle Rocket w/Silver Tail
    SKU: SP905
    25/12/12 CASE
  4. Butterfly Rocket
    SKU: JPT0510
    72/6 CASE
  5. Clustering Bee Rocket
    SKU: JPT0508
    72/6 CASE
  6. Implosion
    SKU: KLX3320
    30/8 CASE
  7. Kilo
    SKU: NN3000
    24/4 CASE
  8. Moon Traveler
    SKU: SP0440S
    25/12/12 CASE
    SKU: BC469 12/20/10
    12/20/10 CASE
  10. Out of Here
    SKU: KLX3251
    36/4 CASE
  11. Parachute Rocket 6pk
    SKU: SPT0513
    96/6 CASE
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