Missile Fireworks

Missile fireworks can screech into the sky along with colorful tails. They are truly unique and you are guaranteed to have a unique experience. You can start off your fireworks show with 25 shot missiles. Or else, you can go ahead with a 1000 shot monster straight away. No other firework can deliver the same effect that missiles create. Also, known as a Saturn Missile Batteries, they launch anywhere from 25 to 750 missiles into the air with varying small effects.

Definition: A Missile will screech into the sky with a tail of sparks and have an explosion, or report, at the end of its flight.

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  1. 12 Inch Missile
    SKU: SP870
    18/4 CASE
  2. Saturn Missile 234 Shot
    SKU: SP1130-234
    15/1 CASE
  3. Saturn Missile 25shot
    SKU: NN1130-25
    30/4 CASE
  4. Saturn Missile 300 Shot
    SKU: NN1130-300
    12/1 CASE
  5. Saturn Missile 300 Shot Round
    SKU: NN1130-300 RND
    12/1 CASE
  6. Saturn Missile 750 shot
    SKU: SP1130-750
    2/1 CASE
  7. Saturn Missiles 300shot
    SKU: JP693
    12/1 CASE
  8. Sirius Missile 100 shot
    SKU: NN1130-100
    30/1 CASE
  9. Sky Blaster Missile 240 Shot
    SKU: SP1130-240
    12/1 CASE
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9 Items

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