200 Gram Fountain Fireworks

200 Gram Fountains are in a unique position to offer a mixture of effects for your fireworks show. Fireworks effects of 200 Gram Fountains include a combination of whistles, crackles, color, glitters and showering sparks. Fountains provide a significant longer duration when compared to other aerial fireworks. The 200 Gram Fountains we have for sale have become extremely popular among customers who are limited to specific shooting laws.

200 Gram Fountains are one of the incredible values that will give your show extra length, albeit they don't fly into the air they will provide a good time boost while you're arranging the next pieces of fireworks to shoot.

Definition: A 200 Gram Fountain is usually in the shape of a cone or a cylinder that stands on the ground upright. When the fuse is lit it will emit thousands of sparks of colors, crackles, whistles or other effects. Most 200 Gram Fountains last between 30 seconds and 3 minutes.

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  1. 3 for 1 Fountain Pack
    SKU: BC2224
    24/3 CASE
  2. 3X9 4 Assorted Royalty Fountains by Supreme Fireworks
    SKU: SP6010 A-D
    8/4pk Case
  3. 3X9 Fountain 4 Assorted
    SKU: SP670
    8/4 CASE
  4. 8in Cone
    SKU: SP614
    12/8 CASE
  5. Ace Fountain | 3 Assorted 200 Gram Fountains by Iron Man Fireworks
    SKU: IM0105
    5/3pks Case
  6. Balls of Fury
    SKU: SP110
    40/3 CASE
  7. Bubble Rainbow
    SKU: TG4255
    48/1 CASE
  8. Bug Zapper
    SKU: BC2227
    14/1 CASE
    SKU: JP287A
    36/3 CASE
  10. California Candle
    SKU: BC31304
    24/4 CASE
  11. Candy Box 200 Gram Fountain by Supreme Fireworks
    SKU: SP6032
    24/1 Case
  12. Citrus
    SKU: BC2223
    24/1 CASE
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